Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busted Stuff

For years the democrats bellowed and blew steam about how Iraq was a quagmire and how we need to get out. Even one death is a terrible loss, but we are at war. In 2008, according to the website, a total of 314 GI's were killed in Iraq. Again, we are at war. Iraq is in the process of becoming unbusted.

Last year in Chicago (pop. 2,833,321), where there is no war, there were 508 homicide victims. This is a 15% increase in murders since the prior year. No quagmire here in Obama land.

Also of note: in 2007 the Chicago PD confiscated 13,658 firearms (2007 Annual report page 32), a ten year high, of which over 6,000 were purchased in a gun buy back program. It did absolutely nothing to stop the violence. For the past ten years firearms have been used in about 75% of all Chicago homicides. Nothing has changed.

The citizens of Chicago could have been spared some of their tax dollars if their police executives and politicians had invested some time in reading this report published in 2001: Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General.

Chapter Five of this report details some of the popular violence reduction strategies that aren't worth a fart in a pew.
Among them:
D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)
Gun Buy Back Programs
Boot Camp Programs
Individual Youth Counseling Programs

And in Tijuana, Mexico (pop. 1,483,992), US Marines stationed in nearby San Diego have been ordered not to go to this city for R&R (or for any reason for that matter) due to the incredibly high levels of violence there. Last year 843 people were slaughtered in Tijuana as compared to 337 the year before. Many of them were beheaded.

As bad as things seem to be in Chicago - they have improved; the murder rate in Tijuana is over three times as bad.

Mexican gun control laws are far more draconian than any liberal bastion here in the States. God help you if you have some much as a bullet in your possession when stopped by a Mexican cop.

Unlike Canada where you're Justify Fulllikely to be turned away at the border if you have unauthorized firearms or ammo, unwary visitors to Mexico have languished in Mexican jails for five years due to a single spent casing in their vehicle.

Mexico is totally busted. And seeing how many Mexicans are leaving the US and heading home now that the jobs in the States are disappearing, look to see it become even worse.

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