Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Really Really Ticked

The more I think about it the more pissed off I get.

Those sons of bitches in Congress want to give away $700 billion as a reward to gross incompetence, greed, and probably every other evil even slightly related to ineptitude and we're supposed to go along with the program.

For the first time in my adulthood I got pissed enough to send emails to everybody, even to retiring Rep. Jim Walsh and the two Democratic senators of this State - Schumer and Clinton - yelling at them at how pissed I am and dontyoudaregiveacenttothosecrooks.

I yelled at them for shoving their thumbs up their asses while this pot was boiling for the past few years.

I am so sick of the current crop of politicians running around like Chicken Little screaming "Wall Street Is Falling!" Wall Street is not the entire US economy. There are banks right here where I live that are doing just fine because they don't get involved in high risk investments.

And it is high risk investments that have soured that is the cause of this mess.

I have spent most of my adult life trying to avoid debt. My wife and I scrimped and saved and just plain did without for the first twenty years of our marriage - living on a cop's salary and whatever I did on the side wasn't easy but we did it.

Our home mortgage was paid off in sixteen years. I helped my kids through college with cash - no loans - by busting my ass. The only debt we owe right now is two car loans. We have no oustanding debt for plastic - if it can't be paid for at the end of the month we don't buy it.


I do not live like a high roller Wall Street financier. We stay strictly within our means. Right now I am afraid to call my financial advisor to see what happened to our 401k's.

And the politicians want me to pay for this bullshit.

I normally avoid all cussing, but I am beside myself...

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