Monday, September 15, 2008

How Low Have We Sunk?

This post is precipitated by my viewing almost every episode of the HBO miniseries "John Adams;" just one more to go and the wife and I will watch that tonight. I bought the boxed set two weeks ago and I have not been disappointed. Paul Giamatti does a credible job portraying Adams and Laura Linney is fabulous as Abigail Adams. The nation's Founding Fathers were not saints to be sure, but they forthrightly represented the most selfless and principled men of their time. Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence came to miserable ends, in captivity, poverty or an early death.

And I wonder, how did we manage to sink so far that we get to the obscene behavior of the current leaders of the Democratic Party for whom no moral crevice is deep enough, no scurrilous conduct depraved enough and no political advantage so minor that would preclude the lies and deceit that seem to accompany their every action?

I refer to the latest revelation of Barack Obama's attempt to influence the course of the war on terror in Iraq. As reported in the NY Post, Obama allegedly tried to persuade the Iraq government to delay a US troop withdrawal agreement spoke to General Petraeus regarding a "realistic withdrawal date." This delay would push back any troops withdrawals back to 2010, thereby, if elected, giving an Obama administration the credit for the return of US troops. Of course Obama denies these allegations, inferring that everyone else involved is either a liar or in the throes of dementia.

This is what happens in a value neutral environment where there are no absolutes, only shades of gray. We lived through this with the Clintons and we are getting the same fare again.

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