Monday, September 08, 2008

Courtney's Brother Is MIA

When my daughter enlisted in the Army last month there was an 18 yr old girl who also enlisted and stood right next to her when the oath was administered. Her name is Courtney and she is a stand up gal. She and my daughter are in Fort Leonard Wood together in the same training platoon and until recently were "battle buddies." They did everything together and helped their platoon become one of the best so far in the battalion. They were split up last week because two other girls are having a difficult time and they are using Courtney and my daughter as their battle buddies in an effort to get these two girls through basic.

When she called Sunday she was a little upset about this change. Her new "buddy" is a bit of a whiner and a slacker, well, maybe more than a bit; a lot more - and she misses Courtney. I counseled her that God is using her to help assist someone who needs help. God is "stretching" her in a difficult situation so that she can be of more use in His service later on. That's how we grow.

We just got a letter today from Ft. Leonard Wood. Courtney's brother is in the Air Force and is stationed in Iraq. This is not good:

"his vehicle somehow separated from the convoy he was with and is missing. Three other vehicles that were also missing from the same convoy were blown up and I think no survivors. She's a little trooper here but she's worried sick. I just found out Sunday after we made our phone calls and I told her we'd be praying for her."

I do not know the young man's name nor am I certain how accurate this information is. But please pray for this soldier's safe return and for any other GI's with him.

Anyone reading this, please consider passing this on.

Thanks much. Will keep you appraised as I hear more.

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