Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Give The Taxpayers The $$$

I stopped by Texas Fred's earlier this evening and read his post from Pat at A Day In The Life - "My Personal Economy Recovery Plan."

Basically, the plan is this - why give those slobs in the AIG counting house $85 billion as a reward for greed, poor judgement and piss poor performance? Give us the money! Ourselves, the taxpayers, We Da Peephole!

Look at it this way, according to the 2008 Census abstrat, there are 214,692,000 people over the age of 19 in the US.

Divy up the 85 large and every adult 20 and over pockets $395,915.22 for doing nothing but breathing.

And if Congress is so eager to fork over $700 billion for all those bad mortgages, why not just give those same 214 million adults a cool three and a quarter million bucks each?

Let the financial institutions choke on those mortgages.

I also sent this to my congressman.

D0h - I'm an idiot. If I used the British notion of billion (a million million) instead of our thousand million I would have been okay. Instead of living "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" the best you'll do is a so so down payment on a new car, about $3,200. Thanks to Draven for picking this up.

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