Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Words Fail Us

From the American Thinker, Thomas Lifson reflects on the need for a new word to describe the unholy consequences of liberal "hare-brained schemes" that do more damage to the environment and hurt more people than if nothing were done at all.

[...]Case in point: the chaos inflicted upon the world by the asinine drive to produce massive amounts of ethanol as a substitute for oil. Leaving aside the higher levels of CO2 generated, the amount of extra energy needed to transport and convert biomass into fuel and then distribute the ethanol (which cannot be sent in energy-efficient pipelines) via truck or rail, it is now evident that world food prices are being vastly inflated by the demand for ethanol, heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

Articles yesterday in the New York Times , UK Telegraph, The UK Independent, UK Daily Mail , and UK Times chronicle the havoc as food prices soar, and food riots begin to break out in poor countries. Sooner or later, someone will point out that Al Gore lied, people died, when it comes to assessing responsibility for the debacle.

Lifson is a whole bunch smarter than me and the word he comes up with is "crudugenic."

My suggestion for an adjective for greenie-caused damage is "crudugenic" from the Latin term for "green" (crudus) and the word for "type"(genus).

I think something much more direct is called for. Words like "fraud" or "thieving lying sons of bitches" which in Latin is something like furacis mendacis fili a caniculae. And you remember what the Romans did to thieves, right? There were two on either side of our Lord...

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