Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rocket Man

Now how cool is this? A Batman type glide wing for paratroopers - the Gryphon.

It weighs only 30 pounds and can be fully weaponized for assault and rescue. It has a 6-foot jet-wing that is steered with handheld rotary controls connected to its rudder. And it can hide more than 100 pounds of combat gear in a built-in compartment.

In glide mode the Gryphon can reach speeds of 135 mph. The German manufacturer, SPELCO GbR, is exploring the possiblity of attaching a small turbojet to this puppy.
Just think of it, a paratrooper with 75 pounds of onboard ammo jumping out of a C-130 at 30,000 feet, flying 100 miles in stealth mode and strafing the drop zone before hitting the ground!
Strap a suitcase nuke to the rig. Or throw a pizza delivery hotbox and a beer cooler on board.
The possibilities are endless.

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