Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Bye Google

I just got rid of my Google toolbar and I refuse to google anything anymore.

A UK based Christian group is suing Google because Google refuses to run anti-abortion ads.

The Christian Institute, a UK charity, is taking legal action against Google after the search engine refused to take its advertisements.

Google bans adverts which link "abortion and religious-related content" but the charity, which opposes abortion, embryonic stem cell research and chemical contraception, is taking legal action to try and change the policy.

[...] The group is planning to sue under the Equality Act 2006, which prohibits religious discrimination in the provision of a good, facility or service. It says that Google carries adverts from non-religious groups on abortion and it is demanding equality under the law.

And from here:

Moreover, the group claims, Google maintains a double standard – while advertisements from religious groups are denied, pornographic websites and abortion ads from secular organizations attacking religion are acceptable.

"To describe abortion and religion-related content as 'unacceptable content', while at the same time advertising pornography, is ridiculous,” said Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, in a statement on its website.

"Google promotes itself as a company committed to the ideals of free speech and the free exchange of ideas. It is against this standard that Google's anti-religious policy is so unjust,” he added.

"For many people, Google is the doorway to the internet. It is an influential gatekeeper to the marketplace of debate. If there is to be a free exchange of ideas then Google cannot give special free speech rights to secular groups whilst censoring religious views,” he said.

Former Tory Minister Ann Widdecombe also commented. "It does seem to me to be the most appalling and blatant case of religious discrimination and also to be a very silly attempt to stifle due debate,” she said, according to the London Daily Mail.

I just downloaded the Yahoo toolbar and will be using this from now on. I know, I know, Yahoo still has some 'splaining to do over it's cooperation with the Chicoms.

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