Friday, April 04, 2008

Getting Down In Syracuse

I worked vice for a very brief time back in 1984. The Vice Squad needed fresh new faces for the whore details and I was one of the patrol grunts who did temporary duty chasing woman (and men) of the night through the downtown bars.

I did not particularly enjoy the assignment but it gave me a little better understanding of the for the trade - it is a nasty business. Some whores would bunch up on street corners and approach men whose cars were stopped in traffic. They would wail plaintively, "Ya wanna date?"

This provocative cry would produce several reactions: a hastily rolled up window, a wife slamming her elbow into her husbands ribs (yup - didn't matter if the missus was in the car or not), or the driver would drive down the block and pull over. The whore would then traipse down the sidewalk to discuss the transaction.

It was a simple transaction, sex for money. In order for me to make an arrest I needed two elements: a specific sex act and a specific amount of money.

"She offered to make me feel tingly all over for whatever change I had in my ashtray" will not hold up in court.

After seeing the number of rather prominent men (Elliot Spitzer, Tom Athans) and the number of madames biting the dust, or whatever it is they bite, I decided to look into how a woman might advertise her wares in today's networked business environment. I decided to look at the Craigslist offerings. Craigslist has been used by prostitutes in cities all over the country and I decided to see what was available in Syracuse. There's quite a bit.

In honor of BC, the Imperial Torturer, I started with fetishes.

I am a dominant woman AND will be pleasured by taking you down on your knees , making you clean my shoes with your tongue until your big mouth is full of dirt and worshiping the ground I step on will be one of you privileges when you are in front of me , I crave for little bitches like you !... I will make sure your pathetic ass is in place ; at my feet were you belong , and every second of my session I will be in a total mental and physical control . I will make you beg for mercy and still make you come back for more!

I had some trouble with understanding the acronyms and initials so I stayed with the basics:

lookin too make u happy domination lap dances anything and everything its all up to u!call desiree [deleted]! satisfaction garenteed please no emails just call in calls only!


If your want a Princess to pamper to your every need then call Kendra now, and experience the ultimate GFE... Serious inquiries only, No Blocked Calls! Outcall only: $250/ hr

This isn't up to Spitzer standards, but for $250 an hour you can have Kendra give you the ultimate GFE, whatever that is. Then there is this bordello aborning. If I was in vice again I'd be looking at taking this place down pronto:

~*~allow me this time to explain the candy shop.
~*~I've been working on this for about a month now.
~*~I have learned that men love variety
~*~So I have sat back and thought to my self how can i really give what
~*~men like if I'm all by myself .
~*~Soo.... I got a few of my friends together and we came up with the
~*~Its a place where men can pick what they want and know what they are getting
~*~for the donations to keep the shop open.
~*~I have the girls coming over later and doing a photo shoot.
~*~I will then place another ad showing what i have to offer.
Oh, yeah, donations. Right. I doubt very much if this is a 501-(c)(3) organization. The next one sounds like she just got out of the County lockup:

i was out of the game for a while. but now i'm back and availble to give clients the service they demand, incall/.outcall all inclusisve.. messege me at "downyz" on y and downyz1 on aim .. i'm available morn, noon and night,

Some of the on line solicitations are furnished with photographs of the hooker. Some show their faces, some show scantily clad full body shots and others just display their "wares":

sweet sounds, relaxing full body massage and more sweet princess to cater to you two fifty per hour five hundred per two hour all night, m.s.o.g.

She's another $250/hr business write off.

I won't show the photos and I won't show the Craigslist site for this. It is out there and I imagine these girls (and guys) are kept busy.

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