Thursday, June 07, 2007

Justice For Some

I haven't bothered with the Paris Hilton story because this skanky pusbucket doesn't deserve all the bandwidth devoted to her screwed up life. Much like Nicole Smith (who is now nothing but rotting meat inside a steel-slow cook coffin so the worms can't have their way with her before the maggots are done), this chick will also hit the greased skids of life hard enough and soon enough to shut her up for good.

From the SmokingGun:

Paris Hilton was booked into a Los Angeles jail in June 2007 to begin serving time for violating terms of a probation sentence imposed following a drunk driving plea. In January, weeks after pleading no contest to a reckless driving charge, the 26-year-old Hilton was cited for driving with a suspended license. After signing a document acknowledging she was not to drive, Hilton was pulled over by cops in February and charged with a probation violation. As a result, she was sentenced to 45 days in jail. Hilton posed for the below left mug shot after her September 2006 arrest. The second booking photo was taken when she surrendered to Los Angeles Sheriff's Department to begin her brief sentence.

This chick just don't get it. She looks like she's going to do the booking deputy.

And now the Los Angeles County Sheriff, Lee Baca, who is responsible for her confinement, has managed to stick his chops (he looks like a balding OB-GYN) in the middle of it and release her to home confinement in contradiction of a Superior Court Justice sentencing instructions.

Well, I've had enough. This is just another instance where celebrity status wins over justice. the sentencing judge specifically ruled out home arrest as an option. All this OB-GYN has done is reduce the respect for law another notch.

I don't care if her rash broke out in a rash or she's got the terminal squirts. Let her do the time, 'cause you know she's going to be pulling this DWI crap again. And if she kills someone the next time she has a lip lock on a sixteen ouncer of XXX ZIMA critus lime punkass puke water, I'd sue the badge off that useless Sheriff.

All the young people watching this farce, and believe me - they're watching this closely, are learning a valuable lesson. It doesn't matter what you do because you can scam the system.


Hours after Paris Hilton was sent home under house arrest Thursday, the judge who put her in jail ordered her into court to determine whether she should be put back behind bars. Hilton must report to court at 9 a.m. Friday, Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini told The Associated Press.

The judge' issuing this order isthe same one who sentenced Hilton to a jail term.

Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer issued his order after the city attorney filed a petition late Thursday afternoon questioning if Sheriff Lee Baca should be held in contempt of court for releasing Hilton Thursday morning.

This may prove to be very interesting, although I doubt a contempt citation will happen. Wait for the next County election cycle to see the real blowback on this.

The celebrity inmate was sent home from the L.A. County jail's Lynwood lockup shortly after 2 a.m. for an unspecified medical condition in a stunning reduction to her original 45-day sentence.

She was ordered to finish her 45-day sentence under house arrest, meaning she could not leave her four-bedroom, three-bath 2,700-square-foot Hollywood Hills home until next month.

That's gotta be rough. There's probably enough booze in that house to keep her and a dozen of her friends blind for a month.

Even Al Sharpton is on his way to L.A. to protest celebrity injustice in front of Hilton's house.

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