Friday, June 22, 2007

Fortune Cookie Say, "No Way"

The Chinese want to sell cars in Europe and the United States. They are offering a product called the BS6, built by the Chinese auto manufacturer Brillance. The BS6 has failed rather dismally in its mandatory European crash tests.

Frankfurt - A car with which China's Brilliance wanted to conquer Europe's automobile market has failed to pass a benchmark German crash test, the German ADAC automobile club said today.

The BS6 sedan, made by Chinese car maker Brilliance, won only one out of a possible five stars in the crash test, carried out in accordance with Euro NCAP regulations, at ADAC's crash test laboratories, the organisation said.

It was the second time in less than two years that a Chinese-made car has failed the test, following the spectacular failure of the Landwind sports utility vehicle (SUV) made by Jiangling Motors 18 months ago, said ADAC spokesman Maximilian Maurer.

'The BS6 sedan performed almost as badly as the Landwind in November 2005,' Maurer said. .

Perhaps a better name for the vehicle might be the Death Star, or Mao's Most Excellent Revenge.

Here is the BS6 crash test video. It is in German but you can appreciate the images.

The article goes on.

The test consisted of a frontal and side crash at 64 kilometres (40 miles) per hour, and the front crash showed that the safety cell of the Brilliance BS6 was too soft and not stable enough, ADAC said.

Most European-made cars win four or five stars in the crash test, so the result is not encouraging for the BS6, which was launched at the last Geneva Motor Show.

'After Landwind's 2005 test result, it stopped being sold in Europe,' said ADAC's Maurer.

The BS6 could therefore face the same fate, he warned.

In the next video you can hear the German engineers laughing hysterically as the Landwind hits the barrier and almost disintegrates in this 2005 crash test.

The Chinese Landwind SUV was banned after a lawsuit was filed by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Crash Dummies. This video ain't pretty. The Crumble Zone on the Landwind extends all the way to the next area code. This vehicle wasn't safe even after it was fed into an auto compactor at the recycling center.

Obviously this car was designed with China's overpopulation problem in mind.

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