Friday, June 08, 2007

Go Directly To Jail - Do Not Pass Go - Throw A Fit If You Like

Looks like there is a judge in LA that has some stones.

Screaming and crying, Paris Hilton was escorted out of a courtroom and back to jail Friday after a judge ruled that she must serve out her entire 45-day sentence behind bars rather than in her Hollywood Hills home. "It's not right!" shouted the weeping Hilton, who violated her parole in a reckless driving case. "Mom!" she called out to her mother in the audience.

Hopefully Mom was listening today 'cause for sure no one was listening when this kid was brought up as a child. It's time she learned that no amount of kicking and screaming is going to get her way for her. I hope every 14 year old Paris wanna be sees this photo. And the next one.

Hilton, who was brought to court in handcuffs in a sheriff's car, came into the courtroom disheveled and weeping, hair askew, sans makeup, wearing a gray fuzzy sweatshirt over slacks. She cried throughout the hearing, her body shook constantly and she dabbed at her eyes. Several times she turned to her parents, seated behind her in the courtroom, and mouthed, "I love you."

Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer was calm but apparently irked by the morning's developments. He said he had left the courthouse Thursday night having signed an order for Hilton to appear for the hearing. When he got in his car early Friday, he said, he heard a radio report that he had approved Hilton's participation in the hearing by telephone, but he had not.

"I at no time condoned the actions of the sheriff and at no time told him I approved the actions," he said of the decision to release Hilton from jail after three days.

"At no time did I approve the defendant being released from custody to her home on Kings Road," Sauer said.

"At no time..." means jail time for Ms. Hilton.
And is it me or does that female deputy in the second photo look like she's trying hard not to crack a smile?
SOme "noise" is coming out regarding how the sheriff is facing pressure from official and legal sources to reduce the prison population and that is why he let her go home. My take is this:
1) Paris Hilton was not a prisoner awaiting trial. There are pre-trial release programs aplenty but her release was not related to this.
2) Paris Hilon was specifically remanded to prison (jail actually) per court order. The order precluded any possibility of an alternative sentence. This is big. Sheriff Baca violated a court order by releasing her to home detention. That's why the judge is pissed.
I am not familar with the California penal system but in NYS jail is reserved for :
a) those who cannot make bail and are held pending a trial, or
b) those who are ordered held without bail, or
c) those who have been found guilty and sentenced as a result of a legal proceding and are being held prior to entering the state or federal penal system.
There may be some who do not understand the difference. Once you are sentenced you are then remanded to the appropriate correctional facilty. A correctional facility is not a jail. It is a prison.
If you are found guilty of a felony, off you go to into the state prison system. Not a felony? Then you are entertained at the local county prison or penitentiary.
Footnote: Penitentiary is an old English word, penitenciarie, a priest who administers penance.

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