Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Father Of Lies

The following is a video clip from Muslim TV. I found it over to GNN.

It is a stunningly vile example of Islam's irrational hatred for Israel and the depth to which their hatred permeates their culture and is feverishly transmitted to the next generation.

It evokes a particularly visceral reaction in me because I have children and grandchildren that I love very dearly. I have never witnessed anything like similar to the systematic transmission of evil from one generation to another as I see in these Muslim videos.

Oh, wait a minute. What was I thinking? I have seen this before; in this list of infamy produced by demons masquerading as humans. Satan is the father of lies. This foul spirit is the instigator of the lies, such as the one where Jews make their matzoh bread from the bones of children, that nourish such hatred.

I cannot imagine how anyone can hate so much that they would coldly sacrifice their children to the destruction of others. Would you under any imaginable circumstances dress your seven year old daughter in a mini suicide vest and have her scream death threats? These cowards do this to children because children, as well as idiots and fools, are malleable. Their wills can be shaped by ruthless men, in truth, Godless men.

And yet the major news outlets refuse to expose this filth for what it is. Out right lies designed to promote the destruction of a nation. The entertainment industry will portray Christian believers and pastors as idiots, sex-addled buffoons, perverts and sadistic clowns, but refuse to educate the American people about the simmering cultural cesspool that is Islamic fundamentalism. Worse than a cesspool, it is a tinderbox waiting again to explode with murderous intent against Israel.

Assisted by her Muslim enablers such as Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia, Palestine has uncorked the genie several times since 1967 only to have the genie crammed back down their throats by a powerful IDF. How much longer can Israel stand on her own now that our current Clown-in-Chief is bowing to arab princes?


Anonymous said...

Burn into your memory that image of him bowing. We now have our own Neville Chamberlain.

Somebody grab some tar and feathers. Gosh, I hope that's not racist.

sig94 said...

On the HBO special, "John Adams" there was a scene where s tax collector was tarred and feathered. The true horror of this treatment/torture was made real to me as we sat and watched a naked man bound to a length of timber receive a large bucket of boiling tar poured over his head, chest and genitals. His screams, even though staged, gave witness to the pain that must have been experienced by the poor wretch who gave such offense that men, ordinarily compassionate, would abandon all notion of civility and subject their brother to such cruelty.

Nickie - it would be entirely appropriate for this procedure to be adopted for politicians in Washington, DC.

Anonymous said...

I wish these savages would do something to touch off world wide retribution against, and cleansing of pisslam and it adherents, but I don't know what could be horrendous enough to light that fuse.

Four years after Pearl Harbor, the U.S.A. was in a position to rule the planet, and nobody, not even the U.K. or the Soviet Union was in a position to say or do anything about it...

Six months after 9/11 America was back asleep, and for the most part, except for rolling over long enough to watch American Idiot, She still is asleep. People are more emotionally invested in that that Limey asshole leaving the show than they are in the safety and sovereignty of our nation.

The pisslamishits could find an ancient alien device that allows them to direct an asteroid strike in the Heartland of the U.S., and the fuck-sticks on the coasts would be happy they didn't have to deal with the ignorant, backwards ass country-fuck clingers in Flyover Country anymore...

That video could run on the nightly news, every night on every channel for a month, and it would be chalked up as VRWC and TEH JOOOOS!! propaganda.

And as the kernel of corn on top of this shit sundae, the H.N.I.C., Jugears Asshole Hussein is a proponent of this barbaric cult of goat raping savages.

Sweet Swingin' Mama, wake me up, I'm having a fuckin' nightmare....

sig94 said...

Forger - that's pre-digested corn on top of the sundae. Americans are a different raace. I blame the tv and the schools for dumbing down the average joe.