Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Would some reporter please grab Whoopi Goldberg and ask her just what the hell "rape rape" is? I'd prefer it if you'd grab her by the throat when you do this. Any reporter, anywhere.

Is it like murder murder or robbery robbery or yo yo? Why do all these liberals want him to skate on this?

He gave a 13 year old a alcoholic beverage, Quaaludes and then stuffed himself into every hole she possessed while she struggled to get him off her. In NYS that's Rape 1st degree and Sodomy 1st degree - both Class B Violent Felony offenses each punishable by up to nine years in prison. Then throw on Criminal Sexual Act 1st Degree - another Class B Felony and a whole host of Class A Misdemeanors. That's a max 27 years in state prison.

This is not a minor thing and for so called Hollywood celebs to treat it as such is beyond belief. The only thing I can come up with is that Goldberg gave it up at 12 for a lot less than a trip to a jacuzzi and a few tastes of champagne. So to her it's no big deal - no "rape rape."



Anonymous said...

Hey Sig, any word on whether or not the attack on Elizabeth Smart was "rape, rape" according to Whoopie?

I know Brian David Mitchell is not a propagandist from Hollyweird, but shouldn't she stand up for him as well?

sig94 said...

Mysteriously enough Whoopie has remained silent silent on whether or not Ms. Smart's case case is rape rape or not not.

But her case is another instance where I believe the death penalty is appropriate. If convicted of rape rape you should soon be dead dead.