Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Day At The Movies

Obongo has asked NY Governor Paterson to bow out of the gubernatorial race next year due to fears that his unpopularity will negatively impact Democratic candidates and give faltering Republican fortunes a boast by energizing their base. This is of particular concern as rumors that Giuliani may yet run for governor in 2010. Best of all, Obongo is doing this to one of the only two black governors in the Country...

This is all happening as the ACORN fiasco is still developing. It is a double feature matinee worthy of a family outing at the local theater. Pass the popcorn please. Better make that a super jumbo size with extra butter.

And best of all, it is a pirate double feature! The Democrats have attacked their own fleets, boarded their own ships and are now gleefully cutting their own throats.

As a minor featurette, two thugs were shot to death in North Syracuse during a home invasion. Of course the gun control freaks in the newspaper described the weapon as a "pistol-grip shotgun." I guess that makes it sound more lethal or something. I am sure the two dead thugs couldn't give a rat's ass right now what kind of grip was used. Anyway, the featurette has a happy ending so far as the local cops have classified the incident as justifiable homicides. Our Office will get it shortly so a grand jury can chew on it for awhile.

Gov. Paterson has responded to Obongo's invitation to wait out the next dance. I'm afraid Obongo ain't gonna like the 2010 NY dance card.

A defiant Gov. Paterson Sunday said he still plans to run for a full four-year term next year despite a stunning White House request that the poll-challenged governor step aside.

"I've said time and time again I am going to run for governor next year," Paterson said in Harlem. "My plans have not changed."

[...]Paterson's job approval rating has hovered at around 20% for months and a poll just last week showed 65% of Democrats hoping someone else would run.
There's going to be a battle royal come primary time. I can only imagine that Guiliani is licking his chops and polishing his dancing shoes.


Cookie..... said...

Damn! Been so busy the last few days I didn't hear about this till I read this post. Haven't even had time to watch the news.

I don't know if'n it was a drug rip off gone bad or something less nefarious, but, at least at this point in the investigaton, he's MY HERO!

sig94 said...

Yeah, two idjuts from the City are shot while busting up some guy in the suburbs sounds like a drug related brouhaha. So far I can't find any mention that the intruders were armed.

That might be a problem for a grand jury. I'm just wondering, if he was being attacked, how close was that shotgun that he grabbed it while under attack? Was he expecting trouble? There were two other men with the victim, what were they doing during the attack? There's a whole buncha questions....

Cookie..... said...

Well, even if it was something connected to drugs, or other illegal activities, it still came out with a positive side. The assholes are taking care of themselves.. ;-)

sig94 said...

Yep, close the door and turn the setting to "self clean...."