Thursday, December 06, 2007

More UN Shenanigans

Where else but the UN would a person who lied on a job application get a $300,000 bribe bonus to resign because, well..... he lied.

Senior UN official gets $300,000, pension benefits to resign over age change

GENEVA - The U.N. copyright and patent chief who used a false birth date for more than two decades has accepted an extra year's salary of over $300,000 and full pension benefits.

It's part of a generous package to secure his resignation. Kamil Idris has agreed to step down in September 2008, a year before the end of his second term as director-general of the World Intellectual Property Organization, under pressure from Western countries.

Idris is Sudanese. He was named Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization in 1997. He is also the head of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants.

This guy operates under three DOB's - 08/26/1945, 08/26/1953 and 08/26/1954. The only other time I run across phoney DOB's is when I am looking at a criminal history and the perp is using phoney dates of birth to try to confuse the system. What makes this interesting is the pattern of use. His DOB's only change the year of birth - this is exactly what criminals do since it is easier to remember and not get your false personas all mixed up when the cops got you all cranked up against the side of a squad car.

There also seems to be some controversy over the kinds of degrees Idris claims he has earned. On one hand he states that he has a Master's Degree in International Law and International Affairs from Ohio University. On the other hand, the University states that he received a Master's Degree in African Studies.

It was learned last year that he joined the body claiming his birth date was 1945, which helped him land the job and win promotions. He was hired in 1982 for a job requiring a decade of professional experience.

According to his revised account, he was 28, not 37. He changed the birth date to 1954 last year.

An internal audit said the younger age would enable him to work longer within the UN system and considerably benefit him by further building up UN pension credits before retirement.

Maybe we're just funny that way, but here in the States we call that fraud. Now where does that extra $300,000 fit into the picture?

Idris blames the age discrepancy on a typographical error and he rejects allegations that he sought to benefit either from the misstatement or from the correction.

U.S. officials say Idris, a Sudanese national, has an annual salary of $311,753. His pension benefits could be worth much more.

So the megabucks bribe goes on top of the benefits he stole. Sorta like spreading mustard on a pus sandwich. Leave it to the UN to turn your stomach.

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