Monday, December 10, 2007

He Hated Christians

Information on the Colorado church shootings is coming in.

24-year-old Matthew Murray has been identified as the shooter who has killed four people in Colorado. Murray had a beef with a suburban missionary school outside Denver and seems to have threatened the facility. The program he had trouble with is called "Youth With A Mission."

After shooting four people (killing two) yesterday morning in Arvata, he then drove 75 miles to the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, which also has a ‘Youth With a Mission’ outreach program.

It is reported that he was carrying as much as a thousand rounds of ammunition. He threw a smoke grenade into the New Life Church building just as the 11 am service was ending .

Murray shot into a vehicle in the parking lot, killing two sisters. Murray then returns to the main building where he is shot by a volunteer female security guard. She shot him in the chest but the belts of ammunition afford him some protection. He reaches for what is described as a hand grenade and the guard delivers a fatal shot.

I wonder where he got hand grenades, if he had them at all. This kid sounds like he should have been on medication some time ago.

I volunteer once a month to work security for my church. I will not say whether or not I am armed while serving in this capacity.

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