Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Operation Allah's Flashlight

In a stunning turn of events, two "Asian" men ran a flaming Jeep Cherokee into the entrance of the airport in Glasgow, Scotland, where it erupted into flames.

From the UK Daily Mail:

Eyewitnesses said two Asian men were in a Jeep Cherokee which was driven at speed with flames coming out from underneath at 3.15pm this afternoon.

After the crash, one of men, whose clothes were on fire, jumped out of the car and ran into the terminal building where he was tackled by a heroic holidaymaker. Police then jumped on top of him as flames continued to rise from his body while terrified onlookers fled in all directions.

One eyewitness, who knocked the terrorist suspect over with his forearm said: "The man was wrestling with police on the ground.

"I had seen him and the other man get out of the car. The flames were burning through his clothes. Police were telling everybody to get back.

The man was burnt rather badly, it is reported that he suffered burns to over 90 percent of his body.

Be watchful and keep an eye peeled for the next installment of Operation Allah's Flashlight.

This fiendish plan utilizes an ancient technology to create panic and to strike terror throughout the Western world.

It is known as L.E.M.

Light Emitting Muslims.

As efforts to curb terrorism have put a crimp in the international Semtex trade, other resources are being used to create fear in the hearts of Brits. Ergo the L.E.M. attacks. Muslims may burst into flames from any point of the compass at any time. So be certain to always have a cool liquid readily available, and perhaps a comfortable folding camp chair, in order to enjoy the spectacle when the occasion arises...

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