Friday, July 06, 2007

Ya Can't Uncook An Omlete, Or A Terrorist

Doctors in Scotland are in frenzy trying to save the life of one of the Glasgow bombers who received grieveous burns.

London, July 6: Kafeel Ahmed, 27, the former Bangalore man who suffered 90 per cent burns when he doused himself in petrol and set himself alight at Glasgow airport last Saturday, has been moved into a specialist unit in a desperate attempt to save his life.

I hopefully this unit has a steam table to keep him warm. Maybe it specializes in spreading marmalade and placing catsup on the home fries.

Kafeel, who was initially taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, has been transferred to a specialist burns unit Glasgow Royal Infirmary, where he continues to be kept under armed guard.

The Royal Infirmary kitchen is where he belongs, right next to the sausage links and bacon strips.

Pictures were taken by members of the public with their mobile telephone cameras immediately after the flaming Jeep Cherokee was driven by Kafeel and his associate, Bilal Abdulla, into the terminal building at Glasgow airport. One shows Kafeel’s skin had peeled off.

Denny's should sponsor a new anti-terrorist breakfast special - the Kafeel Slam. Three eggs boiled in their shells, toast with petroleum jelly and an orange peel garnish.

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