Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Someone's Gotta Pay

The North Carolina Attorney General, Ray Cooper, announced today that all charges have been dropped against the three Duke University students accused of raping a black woman, Crystal Gail Mangum. Of course this "victim" will not be arrested for falsely reporting an incident.

Asked if she had lied about the attack, Cooper said that investigators think that she "may actually believe" the many different stories she has told. As for charging Mangum in connection with her claims, Cooper said it was "not in the best interest of justice" to file charges against her. He then made reference to "sealed" records--which apparently regard her mental health--about the woman that convinced prosecutors not to pursue charges against her.

What's happening here is this; the NCAG and everyone else in NC wants it all to go away. They will not open another can of worms by prosecuting this woman.

This is what torques my ass. Whether or not she is mentally deficient is besides the point. She wasn't nuts when she went to the authorities and lied her ass off not once, not twice, but just about everytime the cops or DA/AG interviewed her. That ain't nuts, nuts is when you cannot distinguish delusion from reality. The voices in her head weren't forcing her to give lap dances to strangers. She's just another liar who can't keep her story straight. And now she's a victim all over again. Something bad should happen to this woman if for no other reason than to show other idiots that you can't pull this BS and not expect consequences.

And as for the prosecuting District Attorney, MikeNifong, he should be horsewhipped and ridden out of town. Each one of those Duke lacrosse players should take turns ramming his stick up that man's ass.

I fully expect that these young men should become independently wealthy from the lawsuits that are sure to follow. And I'd sue the daylights out of Duke University for defaming them. I'd also like to see what the racial breakout analysis of victims/suspects is for the university. The last time I did a study like that it was three to one: three blacks committing a crime against whites to one white committing a crime against blacks.

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