Sunday, April 08, 2007

Global Warming At It's WORST!

Resurrection Day.


One of my favorite holidays, not only because of the mind boggling spiritual significance, but also because my youngest daughter was born on Easter morning, 1992.

It was an absolutely beautiful spring day with temps in the high seventies. We were in the hospital all night. We were told early in the morning that there were problems - our newest little on was a footling (Not ass first as in a breech birth, but feet first as if she was diving into a pond holding her nose), at the same time she was playing jump rope with the umbilical cord.

This was a Jack Bauer C-section (There's NO Time!) and they rushed my wife to the OR. I stayed with her through the procedure (no, i didn't look at what the surgeons were doing - I did not want that kind of memory of my wife). It was an exhausting ordeal and she was in a great deal of pain afterwards.

Hours later I left the hospital about noon time to go home and put dinner in the oven (ham) and prepare the house for when the in-laws came over. It got hot in the kitchen and I opened the kitchen windows to cool the room down a little.

Today, Easter Sunday 2007, was a little different because after 15 years of global worming, this is the view out of my kitchen door this afternoon…

Those big blurry white things are snow flakes.

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