Sunday, March 19, 2006

Your Tax Dollars At Work

The expenditure of US lives and treasure in Afghanistan has brought us this,

A man detained by police for converting from Islam to Christianity could face the death penalty if he refused to become a Muslim again, an Afghani judge said today.

As reported by the AP in The Mercury News, 221 GI's have been killed in Afghanistan and surrounding coutries (Pakistan and Uzbekistan) since 2001. Of these deaths, 138 are attributed to hostile action.

Islamic sharia law proposes the death sentence for Muslims who abandon the religion. Afghanistan's new constitution says "no law can be contrary to the sacred religion of Islam".

On November 19, 2004, Congress reported that $73.6 billion had been spent for enhanced security in Afghanistan.

Supreme Court judge Ansarullah Mawlavizada said the suspect, Abdur Rahman, was arrested after members of his family informed police of his conversion. He would be charged with abandoning Islam, Mr Mawlavizada said.

The families of 221 GI's mourned the loss of their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters while the family of Abdur Rahman turned him over to authorities because he decided that he believed in Christ rather than the state sponsored religion. And in a country ravaged by Islamic terrorists and drug warlords, the police decide to devote investigative resources in order to put Mr. Rahman in jeopardy of losing his life for changing his religion.

"The prosecutor says he should be executed on the basis of the constitution," Mr Mawlavizada said, who added that Mr Rahman could come back to Islam. "If he does not ... he will be punished," he said.

Several legal officials said they could not recall a previous prosecution for abandoning Islam in Afghanistan.

Is this what we saved a country for?

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