Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Into the Sea of Moonbatteria

Yesterday was my first time delving strongly into the Land of Moonbatteria. I just never had much interest in reading the thoughts of these people. I still don’t. But what was worse than the discourse was the shattered reasoning that begot it.

Talk about Athena springing full formed from the head of Zeus! They have yet to find a body part that can account for what I read last night in that intellectual waste land called the liberal blogs.

What passes for cognitive effort is a sophomoric disconnect with reality, an incestuous cluster mentality where the nose of one thought runs directly into the ass of another. If moonbat A sneezes, moonbat B belches. It is an entirely circular process and the last one to leave gets to eat the cookie.

I left early while they were still fighting over who gets to open the bag.

Ignorant rantings aside, the paranoia flying around those sites tempts me to apply for a National Institute of Health grant to see if there is a direct correlation between moonbattery, Dorito bingeing, basement living and pornography.

The Twitch O’ Meter™ was pegged all the way into the red for half these folk. After all, they made Dietrich Mateschitz , Red Bull CEO, a billionaire.

But it was fun. All had a good time and it was an education for me.


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