Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Infiltration of Our Military

I have been waiting for this worrisome information to reach the public before commenting. This infiltration is deliberate, these men are gang members before they join the military and the implications as to why they enlist have frightful implications for all LE personnel and the public.

"They will hand pick them, ask them to keep their record clear so that they can enlist in the military and then once they're in the military, they want them to try and gain access to weapons and explosives and basically try to filter that back to the street level,"

Not only do these men have access to weapons, ammunition, protective gear and explosives, they are also being trained in military tactics, which perhaps may be the most dangerous aspect of their infiltration. Case in point.

The Iraqi army was the fourth largest in the world when Operation Desert Storm was implemented. Granted, the equipment the U.S armed services deployed against them was much superior in most, if not all instances, but the superior training and tactics of our forces is, in my opinion, what truly made this Operation Turkey Shoot.

And this is what the military is teaching the Cribs and Bloods. Urban warfare utilizes tactical entry training for almost all ground forces. These tactics and techniques are virtually the same as the ones taught to police special teams.

Anticipating correctly what an opposing force is about to do gives the defender an incredible advantage. This does not portend well for us.

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