Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Abdul Rahman

After reading about some efforts to spare the life of Abdul Rahman at The Cookshack, I fired off an email to the Afgan embassy This is what I wrote:

Dear Sirs:

I was astounded to learn of the prosecution of Abdul Rahman because of his decision to change his religion. I thought that the hundreds of American lives and billions of dollars we invested in your country had defeated the savagery of the Taliban.

Was I wrong? Are you really contemplating the execution of this man?

If so, then our lives and treasure were seriously misspent and I will contact my elected officials to see if we can return your country to the state we originally found it in.



My email went out at 9:12 pm. This reply came back almost immediately. Obviously a form letter type of response but I think I recognize an "Uncle" when I hear it.

The Embassy of Afghanistan greatly appreciates public concern about Mr. Abdul Rahman. We have received a significant number of inquiries about his case, which initially involved a civil lawsuit in child custody filed by his family.

Please note that the Government of Afghanistan is fully aware of and pursuing the best ways to resolve his case judicially. It is too early to draw any conclusion about the punishment, and we appreciate public understanding of the sensitivity of religious issues.

The Afghan judicial system is currently evaluating questions raised about the mental fitness of Mr. Rahman, the results of which may end the proceedings. Hence we kindly request that the judicial process be given time to resolve Mr. Rahman case.

The Constitution of Afghanistan provides protection for freedom of religion. The Government of Afghanistan will ensure that the constitutional rights of its citizens, international principles, and the due judicial process are respected and implemented.

Maybe the response of many Americans helped bring these people to their senses. Or they'll just wait for things to quiet down and then select an expeditious moment to send Mr. Rahman to his eternal Home with the aid of unidentified "terrorists."

If the Afghan constitution provides for freedom of religion, how in blazes did Mr. Rahman end up in court facing a possible death sentemce?

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