Friday, March 10, 2006

Ann Coulter at Syracuse University

This past Wednesday I was invited by a good friend to listen to Ann Coulter at the Syracuse University student center auditorium. He told me that he also attended her last appearance in 2003 and related how she was frequently interrupted by raucous and profane heckling. As soon as we entered the building we were greeted by the sight of student activists holding signs protesting her presence and her alleged racist views. It brought back very unpleasant memories.

I am an SU graduate; I was a junior in 1970 when the Kent State riots broke out on college campuses all over the country. From my experiences with student radicals back then I developed an intense dislike of the left, its politics and its tactics. Bill Clinton’s general counsel for the 1992 presidential campaign, David Ifshin (Little Lord Haw Haw) was in my graduating class. There has never been a bigger prancing fool with a bandanna wrapped around his forehead than Mr. David “We’re Taking It To The Goyim” Ifshin, president of the SU student council. Don’t take my word for it, read William F. Buckley’s opinion about the man.

The left has always been more concerned about how they can limit or, better still, eliminate what offends them rather than persuading you why you should agree with them. Slogans replace rational discourse, physical intimidation (or worse) is the preferred means of establishing moral superiority. Volume bespeaks righteousness and you cannot be trusted to reach your own conclusions. They must be obeyed.

With this experience (more like post traumatic stress disorder) to buttress my resolve, I mentally prepared myself for the moonbat offensive. I was not disappointed. The event was sponsored by the Young Republicans who were also there in force. You could recognize them before you saw them because they bathe regularly.

The moonbats had established a skirmishing line right in front of the auditorium entrance. Hoisting their Placards O’Doom on high, they obviously expected us to be impressed by their sincerity, radical chic apparel and poor grammar. I really liked the big fat barefoot white dude wearing a skirt and imitation combat fatigue jacket ala Che Moore.

Event security personnel did not frisk or wand us, but we had to open our coats to show that we were not naked under our coats.

The auditorium filled up slowly and eventually there were about 600-700 people in the room.

At approximately 8:10 pm, Ann Coulter appeared on the stage, accompanied by a loud and sustained round of applause and some boos. She was escorted by a body guard who remained behind her the entire time. Very large men were stationed in front of the first row of seats. Wearing suits manufactured by Goodyear, they looked like they were in town for the NFL Retired Defensive Lineman Benevolent Association meeting. One guy still had the remains of a wide receiver hanging out of the side of his mouth.

I attended the JC Watts speech at the SU student center back in 2004 and this level of security was not present. It appears that after suffering several heckling incidents around the nation, Ann needs these arrangements to address the children of the nation’s “elite.” This is not a Healthy Omen™. To attend Syracuse University you are expected to pay:

Tuition/fees $28,285
Room/board $10,370
Total $38,655

Preparing to speak to the elite young men and women attending Syracuse University is similar to preparations for attending a British soccer match. Priceless.

I will not presume to capture the essence of Ann Coulter here. You would be far better served to read for yourself (here) what she has to say. But I can and will capture the spirit of those who attended. I use the word “attended” and not “listened” for a reason.

Those who agreed with her (and there were many!) listened to what she had to say and were rewarded with a witty recital of why democrats are the most useless humans beings on the face of the planet (moonbats be advised, this is a hyperbole advisory). She was interrupted more by applause than she was by heckling.

Those who did not agree with her did not listen to what she had to say and were likewise rewarded with a verbal high school food fight laced with profanity, childishness and typical moonbattery. Feces flinging must have been thwarted by the forced opening of outer garments by event security staff.

I was surprised by the number of older citizens (50+) who attended the event. By their comments prior to the event I know that many of them were not Friends of Ann. I hope they were not the ones screaming “F*** Y**.” In Syracuse you never know. Since the wolves were all slaughtered more than a hundred years ago we have a lot more seniors that survive the bitter Upstate New York winters. How many attending the event were fans of Ms. Coulter? Hard to say. Moonbats are always much louder then their actual numbers would justify, but I would estimate that the ratio was 65% pro and 35% con.

Staff personnel would walk over to the hecklers and warn them that they would be ejected if they continued to interrupt her, but no one was. So the staff were ignored and the heckling got worse. I was seated in Moonbat Central. The young woman seated next to me would scream in approbation and engage in conference giggling with her little friends every time some fool launched a common four letter obscenity. What I found truly appalling was the lack of creative invective and the hysterical reaction of these moonbats to such plebeian profanity. Those who have reached the pinnacle of profanation would be horrified by the lack of contextual significance, relevance and the mind numbing redundancy of these amateurs.

But even when faced with such a worrisome lack of quality provocation, the inestimable Ms. Coulter rose to the occasion. This was no more apparent than in the Q&A session. One young man sitting behind me was so (high) excited to have the opportunity to embarrass himself in front of hundreds of people that he tripped over a chair trying to get into the aisle. It took some time to extricate himself from such a fiendishly clever device.

My favorite Q&A response was the person who complained that because George Bush cut student loan allocations by $12 billion that “my interest rates for loans will rise to 6.8%. What is your response to this?!?!”

Ms. Coulter’s reply: “That’s because there are far too many of you who really don’t belong in college.”

Up until then I had remained silent. Now I laughed my ass off. I made sure it was a deep, sustained, bellowing guffaw. The moonbats all around me didn’t say a word. And because they are moonbats they didn't understand the implied concept of supply and demand. Priceless, simply priceless.


Moved Elsewhere said...

Very well written and thoroughly entertaining! More please.

Don Miguel said...

Nice job, sir!

Anonymous said...

GREAT post sig. and here's a tip. if you have not already done so.......RUN...dont walk to the nearest library and
check out ANNIE'S BOOK entited 'SLANDER'
Im a big big Ann Coulter fan but even if I was a low life liberal with even an ounce of brain...i'd read this one. I read it slowly making it last and last hoping i'd never reach the last page. Its just too funny ...i can remember reading it in an Orlando restraunt here and becomming so engrossed and entertained i forgot to go back to the buffet for seconds....

Annie..what CAN ya say.....she's our beautiful, indignant Princess of the Right...what a gal.

Also there's this...a few years back I attended her signing of SLANDER in Orlando here at the University of Central FL. and since you've seen her live .... already know this.....she is even more gorgeous in person than on FOX NEWS. She held forth for an hour in an auditorium after the signing....and was magnificant. I asked her to inscribe my copy of 'SLANDER' with 'TO DAVE, A GREAT REPUBLICAN AND A GREAT AMERICAN' which she did ....word for word.

If folks didn't ask for an inscription she signed it..


...typical ANNIE....fearless fabulous funny an fun. GOD bless her heart!'

Semper Fi,


sig94 said...

Thanks for all the kind remarks. I truly appreciate the time you all have spent to comment.

I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going with this blog; I imagine that'll work itself out in the end.

Son Of The Godfather said...

Thanks for the article, sig94. I always enjoy a good "Ann thrashes the moonbats" story.

Whatver happened to that song?...
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?