Saturday, December 12, 2009

Words Fail Me

Idiots. People are losing their jobs all over the county and these pampered, spoiled fools pull this crap.

The city of Oakland is expected to pay $1.75 million in legal fees and will offer vacation time and money to police officers who claimed in a lawsuit that they had been underpaid for working extra hours and for the time they spent putting on their uniforms, attorneys said Thursday.

Under a tentative agreement reached this week, the city will cover the plaintiffs' legal fees and costs. More than 500 current officers will receive an average of 130 vacation hours each, and about 60 retired officers each will be paid $3,500, said Rocky Lucia, an attorney for the officers.

The agreement draws to a close a three-year legal fight that began with a 2006 federal lawsuit filed by Officer Bob Valladon, former president of the Oakland Police Officers Association, over the issue of "donning and doffing," in which officers said they weren't being paid for the time they spent putting on and taking off their uniforms.

As far as I am concerned you also shouldn't be compensated for the time you spend filling out unemployment applications after they fire your ass.


Fredd said...

I think it's the drinking water in California that damages brains of those who drink it.

These a-hole cops don't understand that they are just sh*tting in their own nest. They seem to think that the money fairy will descend on Oakland and sprinkle $100 dollar bills all over the place, and that life will be rosy forever.

I know a paramedic/firefighter with the City of Santa Monica: about 5 years ago he boasted of the onerous vacations, working rules, lavish retirement benefits that he and his union thug buddies foist on the City Council each and every year, more and more and more. I told him that was unsustainable.

He laughed.

I wonder if he is still laughing.

sig94 said...

They just changed the pension system for new cops in NYS to reduce the cost to municipalities. There has got to be some way to control costs across the board or else the only other recourse is to reduce the workforce. Some of the new kids on the job nowadays just don't get it. But then again, neither did the old timers who helped push the system into the shape it is in today. Both pride and arrogance goeth before a fall.