Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Time To Dig In .... And Relax!

I voted early this morning before I went to work. No lines, no waiting and no exit polls.

I don't plan to watch election results because I refuse to allow the media to play with my head.

Even if you average all the polling results, I think the polls are so screwed up, so biased, so skewed that you end up averaging a turd. It's brown and it stinks. This same turd called for Democratic wins in the last two Presidential elections - wrong.

It is a shame that the polls don't show how urban political machines corrupt the election process. Like the Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia as reported by Fox News. I'll bet no other media outlet will report this.

Update sometime later:
I promised myself that I would not watch any TV at all today, but here I am watching Neil Cavuto.

I promised myself that I wouldn't get twitchy but I am taking an extra aspirin just in case I manage to throw a wrench in the ol' pump again.

I promised myself that I would avoid caffeine for the rest of the day for obvious reasons but that's out the window too.

I promised myself that I would keep everything in perspective and trust God in all things. This lead from Lucianne.com helped:

Let's face it, it ain't all about us.


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