Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hopefully They Will Hang

You really wish that certain organizations were immune from the usual run of buffoons, idiots, jackasses and homicidal miscreants that plague the rest of mankind. But no matter how you screen your potential employees, there are always some savages that manage to insinuate themselves into our most cherished and noble institutions.

Whenever someone confronts me with a tale about a corrupt cop I usually remind them that our public safety and military organizations do not order a new class of rookie candidates from a clone factory in northeast Idaho. We recruit them from the general population.

When my daughter was being recruited by the army, we were told by the recruiter that he is limited to just 30% of the population. The other 70% are either physically or morally unfit to serve in the armed forces. My wife and I were shocked to hear that. But the following events reveal how big a problem that is.

This week I read a story in my local paper about the murder of a young Marine and his new bride. I had to read it twice because I couldn't believe what I read. Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his wife Quiana Pietrzak were murdered in their home just outside the city of San Diego. According to police they were tied up, tortured and shot in the head. Qiana was also sexually molested before she was killed.

The Motive? Apparently robbery. Items from the Pietrzak home were found in the suspects' residences.

The suspects? Four other Marines. Two of them worked for Pietrzak at Camp Pendleton where he was a helicopter mechanic.
Words fail me... I hope they use rotted rope so they have to drop them a few times,

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