Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 2 In The Woods

Once again we were back in the woods at 0630. Just my SIL and I this time and we were hunting in an area behind the homes of some friends of his. Still a little swampy but nothing like yeaterday. It was colder and it was snowing heavily. I had no idea where we were once we got off the main road.

And it didn't matter a bit because neither one of us saw a deer for two and a half hours. But I did notice that my new scope had been installed 90 degrees out of whack. So yesterday as I put 25 rounds through it trying to dial it in at 50 yards, whenever I tried to raise the recticle, I was actually moving it to the left. And when I moved it to the right, I was moving it down. I was thinking as the shots moved to the right when I dialed it up that I was a complete idiot. *sigh*

We left at about 0915 and drove to Lysander for some breakfast. We each had a big, thick slab of breakfast pizza (really, it was 3/4" thick with eggs, ham, sausage and corn) and coffee. The bill came to $6.45 for the both of us. Ahhhhhhh, Upstate New York.

On the way back home we stopped here to hunt. We were right behind the house in the lower left corner of the picture (Google map). Once you get past the rear yard where it is flat and green, there is a ridge line. From there the property drops down sharply about fifty feet into a valley. See the first green blob of treetop closest to the back yard? I was about 75 feet from there. My SIL went around the scrub to the left, up and back around and tried to drive something over.

Nada. Not a thing except an overcaffeinated squirrel bouncing off the trees. After an hour we left.

As soon as I got home I headed back to the gun shop. The guy was just a little embarassed. He reset the scope and bore sighted it again. We had a laugh over it and I got a free replacement box of sabots. I stopped home to pickup my range pass, sat down for a few minutes and fell asleep. So much for the range.

This is where we were yesterday.

That faint oval was my approximate location. This is NYS DEC managed property on Kellogg Rd. Rob was about 3/4 inch to my left. My SIL entered the woods above the top right corner of the picture on Smokey Hollow Rd. The lighter colored area above the oval is the swamp/wetlands.

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