Monday, November 10, 2008

Put A Sock On It Flipper

First there was the movie "Jaws."

Now there's something else. From now on you may want to to swim with a cork.

Don't ever let your daughter date a dolphin. They're maniacs. I almost wish that dolphins saw us as food instead of this.

Is that a sardine in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

In as much as the object of Flipper's passion in this video is a man, I'm wondering if we should rename that fish Barney and put him in charge of, oh, I dunno, banks?

You can blame BisW (for the introduction) and for this travesty.

Ohhhhhhhh Cookie, you and your Navy buds like to talk about your experience in submarines where the dolphin insignia as worn a uniform breast pin. Are there any other underwater "experiences" you want to share, hmmmmm Cookie? Hee Hee

That reminds me of the COB and the coffee urn, huh Cookie? Now that's a classic.

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