Friday, September 03, 2010

Obama's Economic Policies

As I ponder the choices that will be available for my children and grandchildren after I journey to the Squad Car in the Sky, I wonder just how President Obama can justify his economic policies. Most Americans are not stupid despite the best efforts of the National Education Association and we can see that wasting taxpayer dollars to the tune of an annual trillion dollar plus deficit is not working. Why do the Dems and Obama maintain this facade? Why push the United States into a situation that changes our economic status into that of a third world shithole?

The answer is staring us right in the face.
Poverty breeds discontent.
Discontent breeds fanaticism.
Fanaticism fuels the Democrats.
Democrats support the socialist movers and shakers.
Socialist policies cause poverty and the establishment of an elitist oligarchy.

Fanatics are easy to direct. They have their own fragile, internal logic that incapable of withstanding outside influence and reason. That is why Islam kills converts to other religions.

Fanatics don't need no stinking badges.

Obama's policies will enable the US to join the ranks of some of the foulest shitholes on earth.
In many of those countries when things go wrong, they blame the Jews.
Here, they blame Bush.



Anonymous said...

"the foulest shitholes on earth"??

That MUST include San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.

sig94 said...

Nickie - Unfortunately Californistan, or is it Mexifornia, is right near the top o'the list near to New Zimbabwe where I live.