Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gangsta Government

Found this over to Lucianne's. Great stuff!


The_Kid said...

Good stuff.

I'm not in favor of making abortion illegal. But it should be made hard as hell, only in certain circumstances, not at all for late term and Never paid for by the taxpayers.

Educate young girls on the number of young pregnant women who actually end up getting married to the guy, as I think that's the main reason young girls get pregnant in the first place - to get the guy to stay and it works exactly opposite of course.

Give the pill for free.

Ah, but the liberals want babies in low opportunity environments because they're practically guaranteed democrat voters. We're paying for child abuse..

sig94 said...

Kid - it's just not abortion, it's the entire welfare state apparatus. These girls get pregnant so they qualify for welfare. They get housing, food, medical care - all at no cost to them. Our County's biggest expense is free ride medicaid. Only it isn't free.

They are nothing but state prostitutes.