Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Again - And The Glorification of Sluts

We just returned home after five days on Chaumont Bay. We stayed at my wife's cousin's camp - with my daughters, my SIL (the mighty hunter) and the four grandkids - thirteen of us when the two boyfriends showed up on Saturday.

Life with four daughters ... it's a wonder I have any hair left at all. And these guys can eat.

The weather was not cooperative, just one sunny day and the rest of the time it was clouds, clouds, clouds and high winds as these two photos show. Forget about casting in this wind. The top photo is my SIL fishing with my oldest grandson and one of his friends who came for the trip. There are problems in this kid's family and we invited him so he could get away from his heartache for awhile. Sometimes it is a terrible thing to be only ten years old.

I got a single day of good fishing weather and nothing bigger than six inches was hitting.

One of the Bay's resident fishing experts, Cap'n Bob (I met him at the neighbor's camp during their weekend party) said no one has been catching anything for the past three weeks. And this is one of the largest fresh water bays in the world with year-round, world-class fishing!

Even the birds (I think that's a heron on our dock) looked hungry.

So, back to Syracuse and back on-line to read The Post (the NY of course, not the DC fish wrap) and one of their columnists, Andrea Peyser, hits a grand slam outta the park:
They're the best and brightest of their generation.
Losers, all.

We've turned out a generation of pampered and privileged
infants. Young ladies who've developed physically, but never acquired the gene
for self-awareness, sacrifice or common decency.

From Caroline Giuliani to Lindsay Lohan -- with Miley Cyrus and Lourdes Ciccone Leon bringing up the rear -- a new wave of female has bumped up against adulthood without displaying ordinary milestones known to an underage peasant. Like responsibility, maturity and dignity.

Once, society's role models were paragons of virtue, beauty and brains. But now that bad behavior is not just tolerated, but excused, glorified, trivialized and sexualized, little girls have no one to look up to -- except a shoplifter (alleged), a drug addict and two junior hussies.
The media has chosen to glorify lazy white trash, sluts, female garbaaahge and crack whores. And our young teens follow their antics like winos stalking a truckload of Ripple™. Look at that hopeless Snookie bitch on New Jersey reality something-or-other and tell me that there aren't a few trainwrecks out there that should be horsewhipped.

And it is all for money. Television and printed media advertising driven by hormone-afflicted idiot teens and their idiot parents who give them money to shut them up instead of working their asses off and beating them like they should.
Nuff said. Don't want to spend any more time than absolutely necessary talking about this waste of protein.


Fredd said...

Sig, that's why Osama hates us. Well, that is one of the minor reasons he hates us. Even though he's a murdering butcher, I have to agree with bin Laden on this one: how about a little humility on the part of our young ladies in this country? A little modesty wouldn't kill you, would it, Miley? Lindsay? 'The Bachelorette?' Snooki?

No, I don't suggest slapping bhurkas on all women (like bin Laden and al-Zawahiri), but just a little modesty?

Just a little?

Subvet said...

Our civilization is a cesspool. Some days I think the Amish have it right.

sig94 said...

Fredd, I believe that is a large chunk of the hatred directed at us by Islamic fundamentalists. Like you said, descending into 7th century mores and customs is not the answer, but there must be a higher standard (much higher!) than what we have now.

sig94 said...

Subvet, that's giving cesspools a bad rap.

The_Kid said...

There are a lot of good kids out there, but it does seem young women have allowed themselves to be severely used and abused. It seems they all send their boyfriends nude pics of themselves after a couple of dates.

And what's with all the tramp stamps.. Jeeesh Most of them look like the design on the tailgate of a hot rod pickup truck. Just what I want to see instead of paradise by the dashboard light :)

Thanks for the soapbox.

sig94 said...

Tramp stamps... and what's with all the middle-aged men and women getting tattoos? A tattoo does not make sagging chests and butts magically firm up.

The_Kid said...

Maybe middle age crisis? For my money, I've been around long enough to know what tickles my fancy today probable isn't going to in 5 years, so no permanent bumper stickers.

sig94 said...

Permanent bumper stickers - heh. Ya can't scape those babies off!