Friday, August 06, 2010

Emergency Donations Needed

Cookie sent me an email that I must respond to and I hope you feel moved to do likewise.

Our soldiers are facing incredible challenges as our enemies become emboldened by a traitorous administration, hazardous deloyments mount and they survive injuries that would have proved fatal a generation ago. But their blessed survival means something else - crippling injuries that maim and disfigure them physically and emotionally.

Our vets rely upon the government to help them through service-related crisis, and we all know how reliable the government is if you are not a major political donor, a Black Panther or an illegal alien.

Apparently the VA's disability claims system has collapsed with a backlog of over 1 million claims. Wounded troops who have been discharged from the military have to wait an average of six months to get their first disability check. Those who appeal the size of their check can wait for years.

So please drop by this site and evaluate the The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes. These are good people who provide:

[...] emergency financial aid and other assistance to troops who have been severely wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The Coalition focuses on helping servicemen and women with the most debilitating injuries, such as those who have been severely burned, blinded, paralyzed or brain-damaged.
There are literally hundreds of groups such as The Coalition who seek to help wounded GI's and their families. I can't list them all here but here are some sites that provide an index for many of them.


Please be generous.


Cookie..... said...

Hey Mate, Thank you very much for posting this and making folks aware of this dire situation. Elaine and I have been helping this fine group of folks for years now, and reading their letters of gratitude are heart rendering, especially the ones regarding how thier children were helped.

Thanks again Matey!! ;-)

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sig94 said...

Thanks Nickie! Once again the bean counters or whomever is running the show forgets why they're there in the first place.