Monday, February 16, 2009

What Are The Odds?

A French nuclear powered submarine ass ended a British nuclear powered submarine. The French captain managed to do this while in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This UK Telegraph has the story.

The French submarine Le Triomphant remained unaware that it had rammed and damaged HMS Vanguard until days later, when it was informed by the Royal Navy.

Both vessels were carrying nuclear ballistic warheads while on secret patrols when they crashed this month.

Official inquiries have started in Britain and France, amid concerns regarding the sharing of military information between the allied navies.

Really, what are the odds of this happening?

You all know that if the French had really, really tried to find another sub in the midst of a 106 million square mile bath tub, sneak up behind it and ram the sonbitch in the ass ... they would fail miserably. They would end up like the Flying Dutchman, wandering around the ocean 65 feet below the surface, cussing up a storm, eating cheese and creating the foulest air quality problem within any double hulled vessel in Creation.

Indeed, this borders on the supernatural.

Come n' listen to my story 'bout the mighty Fwench
Got themselves a hankering that they could not quench.
They were cruising 'neath the Ocean just as blind as a bat,
Using Fwench technology to tell 'em where they're at...

With their sonar that is;
Couldn't hear the Brits otherwise....

Well the next thing ya know the Fwench are breakin' out in prayer
'Cause they slammed their sub up a nuclear derriere.
They really can't be driving holding the wheel betwixt their knees
While using their hands to scarf up brie' cheese.

Ya'll back now, ya hear?

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