Friday, February 20, 2009

Barak Chavez Obama

Go to Rhino Times and read the article "One Party Rule Forever!" It is the most succinct appraisal of Obama's plans to shred the Constitution to guarantee his re-election and the continuing dominence of the Democratic Party.

Because the mainstream press refuses to see anything wrong in the Obama administration, even the most outrageous actions are given astonishingly gentle treatment – if they get any treatment at all.

So of course we hear almost nothing about the coup d'etat that is under way in the White House.People have been talking about a "historic realignment," but of course that is nonsense. Most Americans report mostly conservative viewpoints on most issues. That hasn't changed.

What will change, apparently, is how many voters the Obama administration can produce out of thin air to swing the next election. And as many elections as possible after that.

How is Obama going to accomplish this? He has just moved the constitutionally-required census from the Commerce Department to the White House – specifically putting it under the thumb of his political strategist, Rahm Emanuel.

Here the article details the how and why and the eagerly awaited end run by Obama and his cohorts on the Constitution.

[...]This will be done by the use of statistical manipulation based on highly doubtful premises.

Look at the statistical snow job that Al Gore and his merry band of grant-funded scientists have pulled off with their Global Warming scam. Scamming census data will be no problem at all. And the media will not blink while this is happening.

This is functionally identical to the practice of the old Democratic Party machine in Illinois, where dead Democratic voters in Chicago turned out in large enough numbers to counterbalance all the Republican votes downstate.

Now it won'tmatter how many voters there are. If the census has been jimmied to give Democratic-leaning states more congressional seats and more electoral votes than the actual count of real people would justify, the Democrats will have their "historic realignment" without having to actually persuade anybody new to vote for their candidates.

And Obama has set himself up to rig all future American elections, not through any democratic process, but by fiat.

Just like a dictator.

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