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I Am Getting Very Uneasy

The Russian Navy sank a Chinese freighter in storm battered seas off the east coast of Russia.
The Chinese vessel, the New Start, was suspected of smuggling and was pursued and fired upon when it refused to return to port. The Russians allegedly fired 500 rounds at the fleeing craft. Eight crewmen are feared missing at sea. The UK Telegraph reports:

The New Star was pursued out of port in Nakhodka in the Siberian Far East on Sunday by a Russian naval vessel which believed it was involved in smuggling. The pursuing ship fired at least 500 rounds, forcing it to turn back to port, but it sank on the way.

Eight crew were rescued but eight more, five Indonesians and three Chinese, were missing presumed drowned after their lifeboat overturned.

The incident will cast a shadow over generally improving relations between the two countries, who have a long history of mutual distrust following border skirmishes in the 1960s. The two signed a major oil-for-loans deal earlier this week.

The Chinese foreign ministry reported the incident on Wednesday, and on Thursday its spokeswoman said Beijing had called on Russia to investigate and "make full efforts to search for and rescue the missing sailors".

According to Russian and Chinese newspapers, the New Star had been held in Nakhodka on suspicion of smuggling, but had left port without notifying the authorities. A Russian naval cruiser set off after it.

The warship responsible was identified by Chinese media as a Russian Coast Guard cruiser. However, they do report that:

[...] in a period of almost 24 hours, Russian navy officers and soldiers onboard the cruiser watched the sinking boat and did not make any response to the cries for help from the crewmen.

In the end, 16 sailors onboard New Star got on two lifeboats. The Russian sailors managed to save one boat carrying eight people, while the other was engulfed in the waves.

Three of the missing sailors are Chinese while the other five came from Indonesia, the report said.

The coastal coordination and assistance centre of Vladivostok announced Sunday that a Russian coast guard cruiser saved eight foreign sailors trapped by bad weather. It did not mention the alleged firing from the Russian navy.

However, a Russian media report said Wednesday the coast guard just found an empty boat in a three-day search. It also cited bad weather as the reason behind the accident.

According the International Maritime Organisation, the owner of New Star is a shipping company of Zhejiang, while the operator is a company based in Guangzhou.

Other Chinese media say this:

A Chinese cargo ship is sinking after an accident at sea last Saturday near Russia's far-eastern port of Vladivostok. Three Chinese crew members were rescued and 7 others were missing, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry. []

Here is a video of the Russian cruiser warning the New Star to pull over to the curb and some footage (apparently) of a later rescue attempt. There is no footage of the cruiser actually firing upon the New Star.

So whether you believe column A (Russians) or Column B (Chinese), this is the final result. The New Star is sunk.

But why would the Russians go to such great lengths to antagonize China? Shoot at a civilian vessel five hundred times? Of course there were warning shots/flares but these are Russians we are talking about, not Brits who would probably try to ram the fleeing vessel into submission with a rubber dinghy.

Relations between the two powers have been slowly improving. Why destroy this progress over a shipload of Ramen noodles?

There is some noise about this. One blog, Dvorak ,states that this could have been a vessel that was smuggling a stolen nuclear device with the City of Seattle as the intended target. He cites Prison Planet as a source (IMHO not credible). The inference this guy makes is that BushCheney are somehow behind the scene pulling the strings on this.

From Prison Planet:

Most disturbing about these reports are them stating that the New Star is owned by the J Rui Lucky Shipping Co Ltd. which is a private limited company registered in Hong Kong and has long been known by Russian FSB Analysts to be an International shipping carrier of US Military and CIA cargo to support their Global War on Terror under contract with the American giant services company KBR whose former leader was US Vice President Cheney.

These reports further state that President Obama and the Globalist elite he represents are now ‘desperate’ in their attempts to stage a 9/11 type false flag operation in order to complete the subjugation of their citizens prior to the expected outbreak of massive social unrest they state will be occurring during the coming summer months as their economy continues to implode.

This sounds like a nutbag shouting in the wind and quite frankly I can't find a lot of support for this. It would be kind of funny if I didn't just write about exactly that kind of incident last night before going to bed. And if there is anything at all to the speculation that there was a nuke onboard, I no longer have any questions about why the Russians pulled the plug on the New Star.

Now I would imagine that since the ship was impounded in port earlier in the month that any contraband would have been removed by Russian inspectors. But how hard is it to hide a device the size of a suitcase in a ship that size? And why were the crew still on board the vessel or allowed to return to it? Was the New Star actually released and then ordered to return? Was the captain of the New Star actually complying with the orders of the Russian cruiser before being fired upon? There are a ton of questions left unanswered.

I am no conspiracy theorist by any means, but I am getting very uneasy.

1) The National Guard is preparing to commence operations against civilians.

2) The government is considering a usage tax on our nation's highways - eventually this will be a GPS-based system that tracks how many miles you drive for tax purposes, and of course where you drive at any given time.
Be careful of this one ... it will be heralded as a law enforcement measure to crack down on auto theft.

3) Already the federal government has created a new bureaucracy that has the power to make life and death decisions for all Americans. The health care coordination measures passed in the HR1 stimulus bill will allow bureaucrats to determine what medicines and medical procedures doctors may use in providing your health care.

4) Under United States Code Title 50 - War and National Defense - Chapter 34 - National Emergencies - there are a series of Executive Laws that allow the federal government to use federal agencies to respond to emergencies; no one ever voted on them. These laws can be revoked or amended at any time by order of the President as seen in Section 10 of Executive Law 12938.

Sec. 10. Revocation of Executive Orders Nos. 12735 and 12930. Executive Order No. 12735 of November 16, 1990, and Executive Order No. 12930 of September 29, 1994, are hereby revoked.

We have yet to see what the current occupant of the White House will do with this authority.

For a list of Executive Orders dealing with emergency preparedness, go here. There are 17 in all; the first 11 Executive Orders were put into place by President Kennedy. The last three were written by President Clinton. There are many Executive Orders that were abolished by newer ones.

5) I would also look for the government to start making moves against the use of cash. With all the fiscal regulations pouring out of Congress that none of our Representatives or Senators read, eventaully I believe that there will be riders attached to other legislation making it more and more difficult to use cash - in effect moving us to an entirely electronic transaction-based economy. Once that happens, ordinary taxpayers like you and I will not be able to hide from the government.

This will be heralded as a means to control our economy. This one is actually laughable. The biggest thefts and frauds in history are all accomplished electronically. Over a half trillion dollars disappeared in two hours last September and they're still not sure exactly where it all went.

This is Mark of the Beast stuff.
Like I said, I am getting very uneasy.

Deut. 6:4-5
Hear, O Israel: The Lord is our God, the Lord alone
You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might.

You have to trust someone.

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