Sunday, December 14, 2008

Five More Days

The DLI is shutting down for Christmas and my soldier girl is flying home on the 19th; she'll be here for two weeks. My wife is on the phone with her right now. Soldier girl was supposed to go deep sea fishing this weekend with some of her friends but there was a "perfect storm" brewing off the west coast by San Fran and the charter skippers won't go out. I wanted her to catch a sea pig.

I have been experiencing a lousy connection to the Internet for the past few months. It was real spotty; dropping service every so often, sometimes three ora four times a night. I was blaming MS Vista. I kept rebooting the router and cable modem and it usually came back up.
No longer.
My Internet connection went south last night and stayed there. Then the cable TV followed suit. So no surfing, no football after church.

I called Time Warner at 1 PM and someone showed up two hours later. Turns out the drop line from the pole and the service line into the house was bad; the cable guy replaced part of it. Tomorrow they will do the whole line (can't drop a line across a street unless there are two men on the job).

So anyway my web connection is rock solid tonight and I watched the last three minutes of the Steelers v. Ravens game.

Life is good.

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