Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Always Follow The Money

"I should make clear the complaint makes no allegations about the president-elect whatsoever, his conduct. This part of the scheme lost steam when the person that the governor thought was the president-elect's choice of senator took herself out of the running. But after the deal never happened, this is the governor's reaction, quote: "They're not willing to give me anything but appreciation. F**k them."

These are the words of federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald regarding Obama's connection with the accused felon who is also the Democratic Governor of the State of Illinois.

Obama's Chief of Staff has now retracted his statement that Obama had spoken to the Governor last month regarding Obama's replacement to the Senate seat he will vacate next month. Obama says he is "saddened and sobered" by these events.

There are phone records. The feds must have grabbed Blagojevich's phones. They will follow these leads. It may get very interesting if calls to or from Obama's Blackberry are in the mix.

There are more elements to these corruption charges and they will unfold in due time. I believe this is still an ongoing investigation and if Rezko has been singing like we hear, more heads may roll.

Obama may have some trouble explaining his talk-no-talk changes. If Obama or his people were approached by Blagojevich demanding consideration for Obama's choice for the Senate, Obama would be constrained to report this attempted crime.

And he didn't.

Obama may indeed be "saddened and sobered" by further developments.

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