Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Off To Lost In The Woods

Our daughter finishes basic training this week and the graduation exercise is Thursday. She'll now be a Spec-4 just in time to be shipped off to DLI in Monterey, CA, for a year and a half.

So tomorrow morning we fly to St. Louis. From there we rent a car and drive two hours to Fort Leonard Wood to partake in the festivities. Neither my wife nor I have flown since the late seventies so this should be interesting.
I was texting her at work today about the small aircraft we are going to fly in: "The Widow Maker" (a Bombardier Q400 to Newark with some crop dusting jobs along the way) and "The Angel O'Death" (a newer Embraer RJ 145 from Newark to St Lou). Things certainly have changed with the gas crunch.

Bombardier Q400

RJ 145

She has since decided to render herself semi-conscious for the entire trip with Dramamine washed down with vintage YooHoo .

We'll be back Saturday if the stinkin' Fokkers leave us alone. I'll be watching our six the entire way. See ya then.

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