Sunday, October 05, 2008

Size Does Matter

Perhaps, just perhaps the lugnuts holding the wheels on the Obama racing team are starting to loosen up. If Alec Baldwin gets part of the picture, then even more moonbats cannot be far behind. Alec sounds off:

[...]the thing we have to remember, a friend of mine who is very close to the financial community in New York pointed out that Democrats have a lot of the responsibility for this as well. I mean, it was Clinton who killed the Glass-Steagall, and it happened under a Democratic president. Barney Frank and his committee, they, they kept propping up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac saying everything's fine, everything's fine, everything's good. And it was his job to know everything wasn't fine. And Barney Frank let you down and let us down as well. And so, but I want to say there's blame to go both ways. But I will say, I want to, I maybe keep beating this to death, but I still think anyone in this Congress who voted to add $140 billion to that bill, they should be ashamed of themselves. That is a disgrace. It's a disgrace. This Congress is a disgrace, Democrat and Republican.

View the video here.

Mr. Baldwin must have taken a peek at his third quarter investment balance sheet.

I believe this; as long as liberals don't feel the pain, they go along with the program. But now their buddies in the government have screwed the financial pooch big time and it is hurting everyone - particularly the well papered and pampered Hollywood elite.

They tolerate the queers and queens as long as they profit from them. But let those profits evaporate, as over a trillion dollars of market equity went *poof* last week, then see what happens.

Look to see how many more actors, film directors and other libs grab a lugwrench and start yanking the wheels off the Obama chariot as their investments tank and the Democrats' role in this outrage unfolds.

Hell hath no fury like a liberal who loses his bank roll. Alec's fragile self esteem is closely aligned with his success which is measured by his paycheck. Size does matter after all.

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