Wednesday, November 01, 2006

By Saying Something Stupid

The Junior Senator from Massachusetts and his wife have recorded a duet.
Hope you like it:

We know you sit around
Dreaming up something profound
For the evening news
You tax your little brain
Trying not to wax insane
And end up sounding confused.

Then afterwards you try to save some face
And drop a lie or two.
But then we’re just real thankful
That Bush is now the President
Instead of you

We can see it in your eyes
You still dispense the same old lies
We heard in two thousand four
And though your wife bites through the straps
And slips her meds
She still has tons of money galore

You practice every day to find some slanderous
Lies to say
Against our soldiers so true
But bloggers hear and spread the word
And then
You find you’re totally screwed

The democrats were posed
To take the House
And Heaven knows
How many seats they'd accrue
And then you go and blow it all
By saying something stupid
Like you always do!

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