Saturday, December 18, 2010

Soldier Girl's Pics

We finally got an idea of Soldier Girl's new digs in COP Caron. Her unit is assigned to support the 4th Infantry Division. It looks pretty grim but she is enjoying her assignment; especially since she was trained as a MRAP driver. Now that is a truck! I wonder if it is good in snow?

In June 2008, USA Today reported that roadside bomb attacks and fatalities were down almost 90% partially due to MRAPs. "They've taken hits, many, many hits that would have killed soldiers and Marines in uparmored Humvees," according to Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Maj. General Rick Lynch, who commanded a division in Baghdad, told USA Today the 14-ton MRAPs have forced insurgents to build bigger, more sophisticated bombs to knock out the vehicles. Those bombs take more time and resources to build and set up, which gives U.S. forces a better chance of catching the insurgents in the act and then attacking them.

This is Soldier Girl in the driver's seat. The first time she took the MRAP out she said she nearly gave the other GI's whip lash but she quickly got the hang of it. This 14 ton MRAP makes my 4,700 pound Explorer look like a pansy.

This is the little village just outside the protective walls of COP Caron.

This is a small view of COP Caron with a 4X4 MRAP parked near some concrete barricades. Soldier Girl was stringing concertina wire while taking these last two pics.


Anonymous said...

Hey, proud Papa... As a normal American male, I must admit that there's something enticing about a pretty girl and concertina wire.

That young lady is my daily prayers, and the sight of her in uniform gives me new faith to draw upon.

sig94 said...

Thanks Nickie - the past two weeks have been a real trial for me. It always helps to think of others who are doing important things, who are laying it all on the line, to put things in true perspective.

The_Kid said...

The mountains in the background look like what you see halfway between Phoenix and Tucson.

The rest looks pretty inhospitable.

I hope she has a great Christmas.

sig94 said...

Kid - Thanks so much. We are trying to help her Xmas spirit. Momma has been sending packages of cookies and candy and stuff all along. We only got her final mailing address a few weeks ago. With her being in training for two years, this is the first Xmas she hasn't been home since her studies in Cairo in 2007.

The_Kid said...

No thank yous needed Sig. We can't support these people too much regardless who they are.

Not to insult your intelligence but fwiw, when our daughter was there the things they wanted the most were spices, candies, and everything and anything to read. Natl Geo, or anything that would hold your interest for a while. We stayed away from the leftie media stuff of course.

I hope she stays bored ! :)

sig94 said...

Kid - right on. We bought her a Nook iBook and she is has got about a hundred books on it so far. She has ocassional internet access and can download more. Boxes of homemade cookies, candies, etc. are on the way for her and her mates.