Thursday, December 02, 2010

Awesome Storm Cloud

This is a supercell storm cloud photographed in Montana. It looks like the mothership from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," or a gigantic inter-galactic insect mouth. Is that stuff going up or coming down?

The full story is here.


Anonymous said...

I have relatives who refuse to visit California because they are terrified of earthquakes. I suppose they'll be scratching Montana off their list, too.

sig94 said...

We were in Monterey last year visiting our daughter who was attending DLI at the Presidio. Never felt a single tremor the 8 days we were there, though there was a big brush fire north of us (4th of July weekend). CA is truly a beautiful state. Froze my butt off in Monterey though. SanFran was even worse. Never saw anyone wearing a hat and gloves in Syracuse during July. Had to go to CA to see that.

The_Kid said...

Fantastic pictures. Thanks.