Wednesday, April 28, 2010

They Have Lost Their Friggin' Minds

New York State is trying to surpass Californicator as the State With Its Head Buried Furthest Up Its Ass. This is unbelievable.

Proposal: All New Yorkers Become Organ Donors

Assemblyman Brodsky Introduces Bill That Would Give State The Right To Decide If You Are To Give The

Gift Of Life If Passed In Albany, Law Would Be First Of Its Kind In The United States

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Many patients in need of an organ transplant but stuck on a waiting list are taking a more direct approach, and turning to the Internet, to make personal appeals to the donors they desperately need.

Organ donation has become a vital way to save lives around the world, but a vast shortage of donors continues to mean people are losing their lives while on waiting lists. But there is a unique proposal that could change all that. New York State Assemblyman Richard Brodsky nearly lost his daughter, Willie, at 4 years old when she needed a kidney transplant, and again 10 years later when her second kidney failed. "We have 10,000 New Yorkers on the list today waiting for organs. We import half the organs we transplant. It is an unacceptable failed system," Brodsky said.

I got a recommendation for an organ donation for you pal. With a hemorrhoid the size of New Jersey, I need a new asshole and I want your brains to provide the foundation for a butt transplant. You sure as hell ain't using them.

Fail this, you jerk...

It ain't bad enough that the State swoops in like a flock of hungry ghouls when you croak so they can dig their claws into the inheritance you worked so hard to pass on to your kids; now they want to snatch your still wriggling corpse from the presence of sobbing loved ones and rip all kinds of warm shit out of it so they can stuff it inside their relatives- prolong their lives while they hide them on some no-show job on the State payroll.

Assholes! If they pass this I will demand to get a law passed that legalizes assisted suicide.
I wanna go with an assist from five pounds of dynamite.
Go ahead - scrape my warm shit off a bridge and stuff it in little Stephanie!



Welcome to communist China!

USA_Admiral said...

Yes they have.

Lots of money in organ harvesting.

It makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

What's the issue? You can opt out of being on the register. This will save lives! (I trust that anyone who refuses to be on the register will also decline an organ should they ever need one)

My Mum needed a kidney transplant. I am eternally grateful for the person who carried a donor card and gave her back a full and healthy life. In the UK we also have an "opt-in" system. I'd much prefer we had an "opt-out" system!

Not sure how money comes into the equation in a civilised country ......

sig94 said...

C-Lady, Whenever a charitable notion is carried out, it is a gift from God that reflects His love through our pitiful mortal coil.

This proposed legislation begins like every other liberal "good idea" - it becomes an entitlement. Once charity moved out of the churches and personal donations it bred generations of useless, lazy human beings who use it as a livelihood rather than as an aid for them to live their lives. Now it is no longer charity - it is law and the government will seize your possessions and put you in prison if you resist the new, official "charity."

This will end the same way. Once a socialist government decides that it wants something from you there is nothing that will stop it from grabbing everything else associated with that need. Look at your own welfare system where now a free vacation is becoming a human right. You have two eyes, two kidneys and can function perfectly well with only one. Why in the world would you allow the government any say over what happens to your body? If that is the case then the government has complete ownership over you and it will damn well do whatever it pleases. You are now property - read "slave."

Cap'n Bob said...

If Brodsky were to get an asshole transplant, it would probably reject him.

Anonymous said...

@sig94 - but you are NOT a slave, you have the right to OPT OUT - though I can't understand why anyone would. This is simply a common-sense mechanism for getting more people onto the donor register - people who would otherwise forget to sign up or who don't discuss their wishes with their relatives. It has nothing to do with political ideology.

Can you justify your stance to a young lady I know (early 20s) with Cystic Fibrosis who has a low quality of life now and is already living beyond her life expectancy? Can you explain why you resist this legislation to the parents of a child dying for want of a healthy liver? People in these circumstances don't die because of the healthcare systems they live under ......... they die because there simply aren't enough organs available for donation.

USA_Admiral said...


Over here, we should not have to "opt out". If we want to donate our organs, we will.

It is not your body anymore if the state mandates organ donation and then you have to apply to opt out.

Given where you reside I doubt you could understand this.

It is called freedom of choice, I should not have to opt out. If I want to donate I will sign up and do it.

Governments will use this as a money scheme. Hasn't socialized medicine taught you guys anything?


Cambridge Lady,
The issue is force. I am an organ donor and wish everyone was. However I would never want to force anyone to do this. Personal choice is a gift from God, and no one has the right to force others to do good.

Anonymous said...

I would totally agree with you all if there really was any force being used here .... but there isn't .... you can say no! That's your freedom of choice ....

"Given where you reside I doubt you could understand this." Wow! That's quite a presumption...... Have you ever even lived in the UK?

And we don't buy and sell body parts here - blood, bone marrow, organs, ova are all given freely by people whose only motive is compassion for their fellow man.

Many people verbally declare an intent to donate but never get round to registering or telling relatives of their intentions. In the meantime people die because of a lack of organs. Which is the greater moral evil - an "opt-out" system or people dying who could be saved? For me there is no contest.

sig94 said...

C-Lady, we're not talking about the policies over there, it's over here where a NYS legislator wants every one to become an organ donor whether or not you want to be one. It's like th entire State will become an organ factory.

Can I justify refusing my organs to someone else? Why the hell should I have to? It is my body and you have no, none, zip, zilch, nada claim over it!! What in the world gives you the perspective that because I have something you want that I need to give you an excuse for not giving it?!?!

My answer to that woman or child - Gee I feel bad for you but shit happens as it has happened for millenia. People die all the time and it is not my fault that your kidneys suck. Blame the faulty genetic code bequeathed to you by your parents and kick their ass, not mine.

Subvet said...

The nanny state just grows and grows.

Longhaired Conservative said...

Righteous rant Sig. Testify!