Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary As VP?

There's a little talk on the web about Hillary running as Obama's VP. Not much, but some here and here. From the Washington Note:

I happen to think that Barack Obama should offer Hillary the Vice President slot. His "win" that seems to be in the making is impressive -- but not definitive, and there are substantial parts of the Democratic party that are still clinging to the Clinton franchise.

If Obama can acquire the Clinton infrastructure and consolidate it with the Kennedy franchise and then fasten in the many newcomers to his "movement", he'd then be creating something quite new and different -- and sustainable.

I happen to think that if Obama accepts Hillary as his VP, he is signing his death warrant. If he wins the Presidential election he'll be dead within a year, probably less.

Obama's head could be found in Fort Marcy, his ass in Robert Byrd's front yard in West Virgina and his balls in Baltimore but the Klinton Kamp will scream "Suicide." Bill will wag his finger at the cameras once again proclaiming, "I did not have sex with that meat cleaver."

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