Saturday, March 03, 2007

Marine Ballerinas

No, I'm not talking about Mincing Marines from the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Platoon. These are little girls, daughters of real Marines stationed at Camp Lejuene. They are asking for donations to pay for combat tutus, well - costumes, dancing shoes and other ballerina necessities.

As many of you know, the Camp Lejeune Ballerinas had a VERY successful recital in December. There was not a dry eye in the house!! Through donations from bloggers around the world, they were able to raise enough money for the December recital and a portion towards the much larger recital in May of 2007.

There are 12 new little ballerinas on the roster this semester! The May recital is a USO/Stage Door Canteen type review. The girls will perform in dance numbers from the 1940s all the way up to music from 2007.

And here's the kicker.

And of course, this time there will be many more fathers who will be deployed during this recital.

I have four daughters and I know it would break my heart not to be there for their special time. And I know these little ones need their Dads.

Let's do what we can for these kids. May is fast approaching.

So say a prayer for the safe return of the deployed parent and give what you can for the kids. Let our troops know we stand behind them and their families.

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