Friday, December 22, 2006

Tagged Again

The Merry Window, ahhh Widow, tagged me today so's I guess I better respond real proper like.

1. Three Things I want for Christmas

a) World Peace

b) Feed All The World's Hungry People

c) Hemorrhoids That Explosively Festoon The Toilet in Rose Petals When You Wipe Your Butt.

2. Three Things I Don't Want For Christmas

a) A World At War (Slow down! There's too many that need killing already!)

c) More Hungry People (Dang it! If you're so hungry, why you keep messin' with the wimmens?!? Go plant some chick peas and falafel berries and leave Fatima alone!)

3) Hemorrhoids That Go "Ho, Ho, Ho" When You Wipe Your Butt. (I don't want ANYTHING that requires batteries!)

Think about it ... which end goes in first, positive or negative? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Okay Cookie. Enough of the corny Christmas jokes and doggie diets. Read yer comments 'cause you be tagged Purina Boi!

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