Saturday, December 02, 2006

Kiss My Royal Irish Ass

How long has it been since we were treated to the Islamofascist verson of "Shock and Awe?" How long has it been since our hearts were torn out of our chests as we watched three thousand Americans lose their lives in an incredibly vile fashion? How long since we as a nation looked at those images of the WTC and the Pentagon, our eyes seared, and vowed, "Never Again!"

And how long since we thrilled to hear FDNY firefighter Michael Moran tell Osama Bin Laden to "Kiss my royal Irish ass!" I nearly came out of my skin when I heard that.

But yet the Democrats are already preparing their verson of "Dispute and Scoot" and they haven't even been sworn in.

I wish that Moran would deliver another speech, this one to the Democrats, saying that he'll plant his Royal Irish foot up their punk chicken asses if they dare to pull out of a struggle where our very existence is at stake.

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